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Leggings have already confirmed them as a fashion trend. They have a real staying potential. Despite that being said there is a lot of confusion regarding how to wear them lingers on. Are they pants or tights? Do they apply to any fashion rules? The leggings are so popular because they are simple to wear, they are very comfortable and fits everyone. And they can be worn in so many various styles once you get the skill of layering. And the best is that you can wear them all year-round whether it is winter or summer.


Leggings types can divide into various categories. Due to the fact that these categories are not written, we have our own.

So we divide leggings by length, by material, and by design (print).

Leggings by length

Leggings can be a short or normal length. Short leggings are a little bit over the knee. Normal leggings are usually till ankle.

Short leggings have their own name and they are called Capri leggings.

Leggings by material

Most popular in this category are:

Leggings by design

Also, could say leggings by pattern or by print.

The most popular are:


There are a lot of leggings accessories available. Actually, leggings accessories can be same things as for other garments. Our favorites are leggings socks, sports bras, yoga sets and body shapers. 

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