10 Style Shoes to Wear with leggings 2018

You already know what are leggings and some tips how to wear them. If not, please see our post on How to Wear Leggings.

But, one of the areas you may have problems with is picking the right shoes and boots to wear with your leggings.

I can cheer you, it is not difficult. There are a lot of opportunities. Read further and see 10 style shoes you can wear with leggings.

Floral Leggings

1. Flats with Floral Leggings.

Flats give a gorgeous, relaxed vibe. If you don’t like wearing heels but you want to look elegant, this is a glorious combination.

Two of my favorite flats are pointed flats and ballet pumps. They are excellent shoes to wear with leggings and are ideal for a relaxed, French-inspired look.

With flats, you can experiment with colors and textures. Use multicolor, unusual pattern, or bright color flats with one color leggings or the opposite.

Vintage Graffiti Floral Patterned Leggings

2. Flats with Vintage Graffiti Floral Patterned Leggings

Flowers Multicolor High Elastic Leggings

3. Flats with Flowers Multicolor High Elastic Leggings

Vintage Graffiti Floral Patterned Leggings

4. Pumps with Vintage Graffiti Floral Patterned Leggings

This is a sexy combination. Don’t be afraid of it. I can guarantee that your legs will look marvelous with this combination.

You can try various styles. For example, wear leather leggings with stiletto-heeled pumps or multicolor 3D printed leggings with black pumps. You can make your legs look miles long!

As you can feel where I am guiding you, the style of pumps to wear with leggings is a highly individual choice.

Blue Solid Color Leggings


  5. Pumps with Blue Solid Color Leggings

Green Solid Color Leggings

6. Pumps with Green Solid Color Leggings

Vintage Graffiti Floral Patterned Leggings

7. Sneakers with Vintage Graffiti Floral Patterned Leggings

Usually, people wear sneakers with fitness leggings and wear them to the gym or running training. But at the same time, you can easily wear sneakers with other types of leggings.

Tyr black sneakers with leather leggings, brighter color sneakers with darker leggings, large sneakers with tight leggings etc. There is plenty of room to stand out.

Cartoon Leggings

8. Sneakers with Cartoon Leggings

Fitness Leggings

9. Knee-high boots with Fitness Leggings

This is the combination of fall and winter. Choose boots and leggings and you will feel cozy and stylish. Here you can also unfold. There are no limits. For example, black boots look perfect with multicolor 3D leggings, knee-high travel boots are preppy and rich-looking, black or red heeled boots look erotic, and tall rust-colored boots are excellent for bohemian-inspired looks.

To make your legs seem taller and more graceful, choose boots and leggings in the identical color to make one entire line from your toes up to your thighs.

Multicolor 3D Printed leggings

10. Knee-high boots with Multicolor 3D Printed leggings

Liked any leggings from pictures? Use links below pictures to purchase them!

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