Did you know about Silk Leggings? (Add them to your wardrobe)

100% Silk Leggings

What is 100% Pure Silk?

Silk is made from silkworms that are existing in captivity under exacting conditions. Silk is expensive. Why? Let me begin by telling how silk is produced, a process the Chinese developed thousand of years ago and have completed, making them the world’s specialists in producing the finest silk. It’s scarce because of world yearly output 90 thousand tons only 0.2% of the entire output of textile fibers.

  • It’s comfortable, soft, warm and breathable, because of porous protein fiber. Silk prevent moisture. It’s natural and healthy.
  • Silk has a sleek, soft composition that is not slippery, unlike many synthetic fibers.
  • Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers, but unfortunately, it fails up to 20% of its force when wet. It has a good mist regain of 11%. Its flexibility is average to poor: if stretched even a small amount, it remains stretched. It can be decreased if exposed to too much sunlight. It may also be hit by insects, especially if left dirty.


Silk Maintenance

  • Wash separately from other clothes, use neutral detergent, do not recommend to use washing machines. But if you are lazy you can wash these leggings in machines on a 30ºc cycle.
  • Dry in a cool place, not under the sun, UV from the sun makes pure silk fade.

Silk leggings

We are now offering silk leggings in our store. So far we have 2 models. 100% Pure Silk Women’s Leggings and 100% Silk Capri Leggings. Both have also large sizes and many colors. Both can be worn as usual leggings combined with different shoes and tops. Don’t need special clothes to combine with them, feel free to experiment.

100% Pure Silk Women’s Leggings

100% Pure Silk Women’s Leggings

  • Available 5 colors – black, blue, gray, dark green, red
  • Sizes M to XXL
  • 100% Pure Silk,  Ankle-Length, Spring, Autumn season, cold summers.

100% Pure Silk Capri Leggings

100% Silk Capri Leggings

  •  Available 12 colors
  • Sizes M to XXXL
  • 100% Knitted mulberry silk
  • Mid waist, wrinkled leg open


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