Can You Wear Leggings as Pants?

Beautiful Skinny Faux Leather Leggings

Those who wear leggings usually find them to be a very comfortable article of clothing. It is, hence, no wonder that many people like to wear them in place of pants or jeans. Wearing them around the house is one thing, some might say, but in public? The fact that leggings are thin, clingy items may make several folks warn against their use as pants. However, an equal number of people may argue for their acceptance as suitable bottoms under shirts and tops.

While the debate rages on, we’d be taking a look at how and why leggings should or should not be worn as pants. Read on for a detailed discussion on this burning question:

The Pairing

Leggings, especially black ones, are actually a classic kind of clothing. They are extremely versatile and pair up well with skirts, shirts, tunics, tops, or even layers of clothing. With the proper kind of styling, leggings can become part of quite a stunning outfit. Hence, there is no reason why they cannot be worn as pants.

The Stretch Factor

There’s usually a lot of stretch to leggings, which is a big plus for those who seek comfort. The proper kind of stretch would save both energy and cash.

The same cannot be said of shopping for regular pants or denim jeans. Trying on that stubborn and unforgiving clothing can be a hard and uncomfortable task. Leggings, however, are a safer choice no matter what. Even if someone gets a size larger or smaller than what would fit them, they could probably make the leggings work with some kind of outfit.


Leggings do tend to cling to the legs, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. The shape of the legs is just as prominent in tight jeans. Short skirts also serve to reveal most of the leg. Hence, leggings are not too different for those used to such attire.

There are those who would argue that curvy and overweight people shouldn’t wear leggings as pants. However, this is perhaps just another way of body shaming. There is no reason why anyone should not wear what they want just because they have a bit more of themselves to show.

Sheer Leggings

However, we may be able to agree that sheer leggings with short shirts are in bad taste. They won’t look or feel good. Plus, they could run or rip at a moment’s notice. In such cases, it makes no sense to wear leggings as pants just for the heck of it. Showing your underwear in public is hardly something anyone can condone.


Wearing leggings as pants are, ultimately, a personal decision. It should not hinge on what others think of your body shape and size or what they think constitutes as fashion and acceptable public wear. Hence, what you wear in public and private should be up to you and you alone. If this means wearing leggings as pants, more power to you. Stay comfortable and active and remain proud of your decision!

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