Capri Leggings

Leggings can be a short or normal length. Short leggings are a little bit over the knee. Normal leggings are usually till ankle.

Short leggings have their own name and they are called Capri leggings. 

Capri leggings are a type of short, fit, cropped legwear that is attractive both for fashion and for training, most commonly with women. These leggings can be worn separate, or underneath a skirt or shorts, and they are suitable for both cold and warm weather.

Capri leggings are made of the same materials as normal length leggings – spandex and cotton. Capri leggings usually are thinner and may be transparent, and are never worn singly.

Capri leggings types

The most popular types of Capri leggings are:

  • Spandex Capri leggings
  • Cotton Capri leggings
  • Solid color Capri leggings
  • Lace Capris

What shoes to wear with Capri leggings

Usually, Capri leggings are worn with sandals in the summer and boots in cooler months. They are not typically worn with sneakers or other closed shoes but of course, there are exceptions.

How to Wear Capris

The easiest task is to find what to wear with solid color Capris because these neutral colors are able to be worn with more outfits. Other Capris styles can be a bit difficult to find what to wear with them but let me help you with some tips.

If you choose solid colors Capri leggings, try to pair them with a patterned top. And opposite – if wear print Capris, then opt for a solid top. Avoid combining bright Capris with bright tops and accessories. If you don’t like patterned clothes and you prefer only solid color, mix bright capris with a white button-down and traditional black pump shoes for an eye-popping, classy look.

Stick to tops that read the top of your capris if you are short. That will give you the illusion of extra leg.

Try to wear longer tops if you are tall but be sure your capris are tapered. Try a flowy tunic or a tiny dress with capris.

If you are small don’t wear Capri leggings with large patterns and if you are large don’t wear small patterned capris. Keep everything balanced.

Extra tip if you are petite. Choose Capri leggings that are specifically adjusted for petite body types; otherwise, a huge piece of extra fabric at the end of the pant leg will band around the ankles.

Capris are also perfect for yoga if you throw on a free tank top!

Where to buy Capris

You can buy Capri leggings from us. Visit our shop. 

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