Denim leggings are also called jeggings. First, they came popular in the 1980s by metal ant punk bands. Today denim leggings are the very popular fashion trend. Choosing your denim leggings depends on various factors, for example, your body type, what you plan to wear with the leggings, your style etc. Denim leggings are made from stretch denim fabric. Stretch denim is a type of denim cotton (sometimes cotton/polyester blend) and combines a small amount of elastane. Elastane is a stretchy, synthetic fiber also known as spandex or lycra. Denim leggings usually contain about one to four percent elastane. Denim leggings may be made also of another stretchy and comfortable materials such as cotton (with not a gram of denim in their fabric). Actually, as denim leggings (jeggings) are made to simulate the look of normal jeans, and typically do that by including details such as faux pockets and printed (rather than actual) stitches along the seams. Anyone can wear denim leggings and look good in them. When shopping for denim leggings, you have to choose the right size to your body shape and personal style. I suggest buying a bit tight fitting denim leggings due to the fact that they may become looser after multiple wears. If you have a curvy figure case, denim leggings in dark colors such as black or navy blue are the most flattering options for this form item, which is mainly formed to fit bodies with a tiny torso and legs.

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