How to Get Away with Wearing Leggings at Work

How to Get Away with Wearing Leggings at Work

When you imagine leggings, the first thing you think of is a workout or casual look. No one associates leggings with work attire. However, when you consider how comfortable leggings are, some of you might wonder why such distinctions are made, to begin with.

Well, we are here to tell you that there are ways you can get away with wearing leggings to work. Here are some tips which might help you incorporate leggings into your work attire.

Opt for a Thick Pair

Work attire demands a certain level of professionalism. Regardless of how comfortable and breathable leggings made from thin fabric are, the fact remains that they look unprofessional in the workplace. However, the same is not true for leggings made from a thick material. Instead, such leggings can almost pass off for pants. If even a slight tone of your skin is visible through your leggings, this is your clue to look for an even thicker pair.

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Add a Blazer to Your Look

Leggings with blazer

The best way to convert any attire into a sophisticated and professional one is by adding a blazer to it. For reasons unknown, there is something about a blazer that seems to lessen the impact of wearing leggings to the workplace. Suddenly, you look posh and ready for the day. It provides you with a decent yet authoritative vibe, thereby converting a previously casual look into a statement.

Look for Neutral Shades

We agree that colorful and patterned leggings are the best. They add color to your personality. Sadly, there can be nothing more inappropriate than exhibiting this funky side at work. Your office is a place where you need to maintain a serious image. After all, how else can you ensure that people take you seriously? Therefore, when on a shopping trip, don’t listen to your heart and select colorful leggings, at least not for work. Instead, go for neutral shades like black, white, navy and green.

Wear them with Dresses and Tunics

Wear leggings with Dresses and Tunics

You can view leggings as a form of tights. Nothing looks better with short dresses and tunics than tights and leggings. This is the perfect combination for work. Two things that would not have been acceptable in isolation (i.e., short dresses and leggings) become the perfect look for work only because they blend well together.

Say No to Short Shirts

One of the drawbacks of wearing leggings rather than pants to work is that the former is not as great at hiding your bottom as the latter. While short shirts go well with pants, with leggings, they make your body seem overexposed. Therefore, make sure whichever shirt your pair with your leggings is long enough to hide your back.


Yes, there are certain limitations and rules to wearing leggings to work, but when you consider the fact that you are at least able to get away with it, these compromises are worth making.

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