Most of the leather leggings are not actually made from leather but from faux leather. The leather is any tanned, toughened (yet pliable), dried, and dyed skin of an animal. Most types of leather can be found in nearly any color. Leather are quite expensive and are not stretchy material that’s why there is faux leather produced. Faux leather is made from a fabric base, which is chemically treated with polish, stain, or polyurethane for a color and texture. Ultimately, it is man made and exists to give the appearance and texture of real leather at an exceptionally lower cost. Types of Faux Leather Leggings:
  • Matte leggings. They are very refined and versatile.
  • Snake Print. This type of leather leggings gives your outfit a bit of courage.
  • Liquid/Gloss. They are loud in their fashion statement and they look a bit plastic.
How to wear leather leggings? Balance your leather leggings with other garments. Try a knit sweater or sweatshirt with them. Also, layering is a glorious way to dress down the leggings. Choose the right size. As leather are not stretch choose leggings that fit good on you or are even a bit bigger than leggings that fit you exactly. That will help you avoid the sticky camel-toe. Camel-toe mixed with leather looks much worse than usual spandex fabric. Avoid wearing leather on leather. That’s a bit tricky. If you really enjoy only leather garments then try to choose different colors and various textures. That should work fine. But I advise that you split up the outfit by for example wearing a leather jacket in an another color than the bottom and wear an informal tunic. The most popular shoes with leather leggings are high heels and pumps. But you can wear most types of shoes with leather leggings. There are some shoes I do not recommend for example flip flops or summer cork wedges.

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