What to Know Before Buying Body Shaper

What is body shaper?

Body shaper also called body slimmer, waist trainer, waist shaper, Shapewear or body corset will help you achieve the look you’ve always desired! Shapewear can make you seem thinner and sleeker in a cocktail dress, business clothes, or leggings and a T-shirt.

While you use it correctly, body shaper should be relatively comfortable. There are various levels. The shaper can be ultra or light slimming. You don’t have to use something that will completely change your shape. You can take what spots, to target exactly your thighs, butt, stomach, or various areas. That is, if you understand how to choose and use your body shaper, and know why it should nevermore be too miserly.

Nowadays there is so many information about choosing and wearing body shaper that people can easily get confused. Read the further information, we tried to explain all pros and cons, how to wear, how to use and more.

How do body shapers work?

Body shaper makes you look thin by stitching or knitting together stretchy or rigid fabrics that are formed into such a design that when worn, the complete garment nips and tucks the body. Body shapers are mostly made of latex and spandex. Different types of shapers work on separate body zones. See the list below.

Shaper types and areas shaped:

  • Minimizer bra – Chest, upper back
  • Control brief – lift and form buttocks area while leveling the abdomen area.
  • Slip Shaper – Abdomen, rear, hips
  • Shaping top – Upper and lower back, stomach
  • Waist cincher – Waist, abdomen if continues down
  • Thigh Slimmer – Abdomen, rear, hips, thighs
  • Bodysuit – The whole body shaping

What to keep in mind before buying body shaper?

The code to comfort is performing with the smallest coverage possible. If you want to whittle waist you don’t need a full-body shaper. Conversely, if you have curves all over – buying a waist cincher will probably disappoint you with the results. For a real hourglass shape, a waist exercise corset may do the deal, where a high-waist panty raises and enhances the bottom. Always judge each body part, also if it was not a circumstance that first urged the decision to buy shapewear, and settles if it should be held in the body shaper or not.

Shapewear size.

Pick the right size, do not buy too small body shaper. Smaller shapers will not provide more support. They will just make you feel uncomfortable. A body shaper that is too small hurts, binds, cuts off circulation and produces ugly rolls and bumps where the shaper ends. Rather of going smaller, get shapewear with solid support in the right size.

Also, don’t buy too large body shaper. It will move around, wrinkles, bunches, or twists while it is worn – you will feel uncomfortable. It will not work as it should.


Don’t forget to pick the right color. Think about your outfit and your complexion. Choose black shapewear if you have darker skin and are wearing a look that has light fabric. Lighter skin colors should dress a bare-hued bodysuit below thin garments. The black choice also goes well on all tones with darker outerwear.

Live healthily.

A body corset is no replacement for the well-being benefits of good food and daily activity. Besides, shapewear is worthless on the beach and in the bedroom. Healthy eating boosts energy and reduces the chance of many diseases. Fitness activities, running or regular walks increase self-esteem, raises energy, corrects posture, and helps you sleep better.

Where to buy body shaper?

You can check your local stores. If you choose the internet, consider buying from us. We provide various style body shapers, high quality, competitive prices. Here are few of our top selling body shapers:

Slimming Body Corset Waist Trainer

Slimming Body Corset Waist Trainer

  • Double pressure material tighten waist more effectively
  • Keeps perfect figure
  • Automatic rebound breathable, stretchy fabric
  • Gently pressure – ergonomic design to make you feel comfortable and relaxed
  • High elasticity seamless tighten waist
  • Three-row buckle design
  • Alloy steel anti-curling (Helps to solve spine scoliosis – correct the spine effectively)

Zipper Rubber Latex Waist Trainer

Zipper Rubber Latex Waist Trainer

  • Latex corsets to make you charming and gorgeous
  • High-quality lingerie will make you feel soft and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to put on and take off with the hook & eye closure
  • Steel bone adoption offers great support and lift up
  • Size: S—6XL slimming corsets/waist trainer with zipper
  • Color: Black waist trainers/women slimming body shaper
  • Style: Hooks And zipper in the front

Women Slimming Underwear Shaper

Women Slimming Underwear Shaper

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Super-powerful slimming of the tummy and belly.
  • Seamless yarns have targeted compression zones that slim in just the right places.
  • Open-bust style makes this option versatile with any bra.
  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fit.
  • Colors: Black / Apricot
  • Sizes: XS /S / M /L /XL/XXL/ XXXL

Shop all body shapers here. 

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