Why Are Spandex Leggings So Popular in 2018?

Everyone have heard about Spandex but do you actually know what is it? Spandex is also known (called) as lycra and elastane. Spandex is synthetic fiber and is so popular because of a high quality of elasticity. And because they`re very durable and strong they are used as materials for leggings.

What is it regarding Spandex leggings? Well, spandex leggings are really soft to touch clothing that makes you feel completely comfortable. This material gives you a smooth feel when you run your fingers over it. These are the stretchable type of apparel that can be simply pulled off for extra fit.

Why choose Spandex leggings?

It is best to pick these stretchy Spandex leggings that come in with high versatility and resiliency if you must have one layering piece. It is very comfortable to wear and at the same time very satisfying to use. They are the simple and quick to wear the type of apparel when you want to wear anything for different circumstances. It fits virtually anything and it fits in almost any events as well.

Spandex leggings provide your legs the freedom to walk almost everywhere you want. They are completely different from the cotton leggings. Cotton leggings truly tend to get larger as it is worn and washed many times. Spandex leggings never go big after wearing and washing, they will forever get back to their original size.

Spandex mostly offers slender stretch leggings that actually fits ideally on your legs. These leggings match the shape of your legs and your buttocks that would make you look sexier. They can soften down your thigh section and tummy as well. Aside from the pleasure they give, leggings will also make you look very elegant and stylish at the same time.

Call spandex lycra or elastane is actually wrong. Because elastane and lycra are separate materials but spandex is a mix of these two materials plus cotton. These materials are tremendous and are able of making a piece of clothing stretchable and strong all throughout the examination of time. Spandex also performs a little bit shiny and is very soft to touch. These features really make you very stylish.

Sexy Spandex Crisscross Tie Fitness Elastic Leggings

How to wear them?

The top

All depends on the shape and colors. It is advised that you wear blouses or shirts that would ideally match your Spandex leggings. You have to wear something that covers your butt and emphasizes your thighs and legs at the same time. Feel free to try also cute dresses as your top. This combination is great during formal meetings. Choose a simplistic shirt or a long vest that would match excellently with your leggings when you are off to some random night out with friends.

The footwear

There is also a large frame to choose from but you have to remember some simple rules. Or call them suggestions if you like. You want to pair them fashionably. It is best that you match your leggings with flats if you are tall. Don’t use heels as it will not look good on you unless you are going to a giants meeting. If you are short, it is best that you wear heels so as to add inches taller on your height. Spandex leggings pair excellently with any kind of footwear. You just have to know how and when to use them best. You should also think some possibilities to match your shoes with your leggings as well.

The colors

You have to organize all the colors when pairing it with your leggings and it is also essential to have color coordination. You should perform the colors go together, such as your top color, and other accomplices color as well. That will give you absolutely brilliant look.

Rainbow Triangles Printed Women Spandex Leggings

Spandex leggings for different occasions

The spandex leggings flexibility can be used on multiple occasions. There are types of leggings that fit ideally for certain events. Here are the spandex legging types worn in different occasions:

Spandex leggings fit for formal occasions

These leggings can be proper to wear in some formal meetings and occasions. These types of leggings can be very elegant and stylish to look when paired with a more formal top. Here are some of the most popular formal spandex leggings:

  • Modal Spandex Leggings

Every woman should have these primary spandex leggings in their wardrobe. If you are visiting any formal meetings or occasions, you can take one of these standards and match it with a loud and interesting top. Choose nearly any color, these leggings will match perfectly. Just pull up the right regular top for your modal leggings. Try using them with your classic high heels and stand with grace and charm. You will feel satisfied with it and at the same time, look fashionable and beautiful during the evening.

  • Stirrup Spandex Leggings

These type of leggings are very common these days. Women mostly use these very comfortable stirrup leggings as these are very comfy to wear and are very stylish at the same time. Feel sexy and daring as you walk in through the night’s fascinating party with your stirrups and glitzy top.

Spandex leggings fit for physical exercises

Do you like fitness, yoga, running or any other physical activities and you don’t know what to wear? You don’t have to bother about what suitable clothing to wear. Choose Spandex leggings, they are great solutions for this. Here are some of the most popular ways of leggings used when you want to hit the physical activities:

  • Capri Spandex Leggings

Capri spandex leggings are just ideal for your physical activities or exercise all throughout the day. Make yourself feel comfortable with these calf-hugging styles or the boot-cut styles. These are one of the best workout clothes used for most health-conscious. They never go out of fashion, and you can really move freely with these types of leggings. Read a deeper review about them in our Capri blog post here.

  • Full-Length Spandex Leggings

Also called fitness leggings these types of leggings have added perfect fabric blends that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. They also make you look stylish even when doing your daily workouts at the same time. Look physically fit and sexy with these full-length legging styles. You will surely love them.

Comfy Floral Print High Waist Compression Yoga

How to buy Spandex leggings?

Choosing Spandex leggings at the stores may take your entire day. It will take most of your time analyzing what legging best satisfies you. So we made some tips for you to ease your choice. Here are the considerations and methods when buying Spandex leggings:

  • Consider picking the right shoes because leggings do best go along with flats.
  • Pick the right length for your legs and your height as well. You should take the best Spandex leggings that you know would best suit and fit you. You should choose the legging that harmonizes if you are petite, tall or medium inbuilt. You know yourself better, so make the right choices.
  • Experts and bloggers say you have to purchase versatile colored leggings like the black colored one, dark brown, dark blue or even white and avoid all the light and bright colors that will just make you look funnier. Don’t believe them. There are so many multicolor leggings that will make you look excellent and awesome.

Are you a legging lover? If you are, then you better follow the craze and buy one right now. These spandex leggings are very comfy to wear and it definitely gives you maximum ease. Aside from that, it also makes you look totally fashionable and stylish with all the grace and beauty. Our store doesn’t have separate Spandex leggings section because most of our leggings are spandex leggings. Click here to visit Leggingsaholic store. 

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