Your Guide to Wearing Leggings

Introduction to Leggings:

There has long been a fashion debate going on over leggings. Since leggings are such a versatile piece of clothing, they are worn in several kinds of surroundings. The real question, though, is should they be? Thick leggings could become decidedly uncomfortable, while thin ones may not be considered quite decent. Additionally, there’s the question of how one can successfully make legging a part of several outfits.

Leggings are usually preferred to pants since they are easier to wash and put on. The wearer of leggings would also generally be more comfortable than the person wearing pants or even regular jeans.

Nevertheless, we’re here to discuss the general do’s and don’ts of wearing leggings. This might make us more aware of the fashion potential of this seemingly innocent but quite resourceful clothing item.

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Kinds of Leggings:

There is hardly one single type of leggings on the market today. The choice could be staggeringly overwhelming if one really thinks about it. Just to give you an idea of what we mean, consider the following options:

  • Thin/Sheer Leggings
  • Thick and Warm Leggings
  • Formal Leggings
  • Patterned Leggings (stripes, polka dots, etc)
  • Stretchable Leggings
  • Denim Leggings
  • Neutral Shades Leggings
  • Bold and Bright Colored Leggings

In addition to the above options, there are also a variety of sizes available when it comes to leggings. Since many leggings are a bit stretchy by definition, you should try them on before purchasing. In fact, some leggings may even be subject to what is called vanity sizing, where smaller sizes can actually fit a larger person due to the flexible material.

Materials of Leggings:

The most common materials used for leggings are spandex, polyester, cotton, or a mixture of the three. Denim leggings are also available if one wants an easy alternative to jeans.

There are also nylon leggings available, but these are usually worn more like stockings. Thus, the debate about them being worn with just a sweater or a regular top does not come into play.

As fashion moves forward, more and more materials are made into leggings as per the customers’ requirement or the designer’s wish. Hence, we would also find leggings made of suede or leather. These are obviously on the more expensive side. The great part about these is that they are easier to pull on than their pants counterparts. They also help us put together a stylish contemporary outfit.

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How to Wear Leggings:

All this brings us to the problem of how to wear leggings in today’s society. In order to avoid a fashion crime, keep the following cautions in mind:

1. The Size:

If leggings are too loose, they wouldn’t provide as much flexibility of freedom of movement. They may catch onto something as you pass by, and would generally look slovenly and unkempt. They would hence not be suitable for wearing to a restaurant or the office.

If your leggings are too tight, they may not be very flattering. It’s not necessary that every dimple and curve of your leg be on display to the public. In any case, you run the risk of a run or tear if the leggings are overly snug. This is definitely a risk you don’t want to take.

2. Pairing:

There is no reason why we cannot wear leggings as pants, but the kind of leggings does matter. If the leggings are sheer enough to overly reveal your legs, it’s best if they’re paired with a skirt or a dress. Just a T-shirt or top wouldn’t do. Even shorts could make your outfit look more complete if you’re wearing leggings.

In general, if you do wearing leggings as your bottom clothing, pair them off with a long top or even a jacket. You could also wear leggings inside your pants or jeans for extra warmth. This is ideal for weather that requires layered clothing.

3. The Shoes:

The right shoes would also make leggings seem more in place than otherwise. For instance, try pairing knee-high boots if you’re wearing a short skirt with leggings. If you’re going for a more casual look, sandals can also look great. Just don’t wear socks inside the sandals!

Any heels, pumps, or wedges with leggings should either be of a neutral shade or match the upper clothing. Otherwise, the overall effect would look way too tacky for any situation. The same goes for moccasins, ballet flats, or even flip flops if you want to wear them in public.

4. Shrinkage:

Leggings may remain comfortable for many months, even years. However, they do tend to shrink in the wash over time, so you should be aware of this phenomenon. Always looks closely at your leggings when you’ve had them for some time. See if their knees are giving out or sagging, or if the color is fading. Above all, you don’t want them rising too high above the ankle.

If your leggings don’t seem good enough for public wear, you can still make use of them if they aren’t complete rags. They’re great for working out or for a layered fell to your clothing.

5. Patterns:

When you pair some other clothes with a pair of leggings, consider the different patterns and shades you have on hand. If your dress has a wild floral design, it’s best to go for solid neutral shades for your leggings. If there are different colors in your outfit, leggings should be either neutral or match one of the hues.


Some people may have absolutely no problem in venturing outdoors wearing sheer black leggings and a top, just like they would with a pair of jeans. However, there have been loud critics and defendants of this action. Whether leggings can be worn as pants, as part of formal attire, or should be limited to casual Fridays or home time should be the wearer’s choice.


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